Carlos de Aguiar Costa Pinto was born on December 24, 1885, in Salvador, Bahia. His parents were Joaquim da Costa Pinto and Sophia Henriqueta de Aguiar Costa Pinto.

He got his first job at Magalhães e Cia., an import-export firm, and eventually became its president and CEO.

A major art collector, he gathered together a significant collection during his lifetime, thereby ensuring that some of Brazil's most important treasures remained in Bahia.

He died on December 7, 1946, aged 60, without having realized his dream of founding a museum.

Margarida Ballalai de Carvalho Costa Pinto was born on December 2, 1895. A member of a patrician Bahia family, she was the daughter of João Pereira de Carvalho and Helena Ballalai de Carvalho. She married Carlos Costa Pinto when she was 17. They never had any children.

By donating the pieces in her collection, creating a foundation and establishing the Museu Carlos Costa Pinto, also known as the "Silver Museum," Margarida Costa Pinto was a supreme example of selflessness, while preserving the memory of three centuries of art, culture and literature for the state of Bahia.

She died on March 23, 1979, aged 83.





Former Costa Pinto residence in Vitória

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